Barbary Coast Collective

Barbary Coast Collective is located in San Francisco and is a trusted, local medical cannabis dispensary. We are dedicated to offering medical cannabis in a safe and easy to consume form at favorable prices for our customers. We aim to help meet the medical marijuana needs of patients throughout the bay area with our convenient and easy to use medical marijuana dispensary services. Patients will need to have a doctor’s note and valid photo ID and be aged 18 years or older.

Safe Medical Marijuana Dispensary Services

Since 2013, we have been providing our patients with trusted medical marijuana dispensary services ensuring their optimal health and well-being with access to clean medical marijuana. Our relaxed and trusted medical marijuana dispensary works with medical cannabis doctors to ensure the ultimate in safety for every patient.

Vaping Lounge

At Barbary Coast Collective, visitors can sit back and take in the vapes with flavors of all types to appeal to their tastes. Our vaporizing and smoking lounge is comfortably decorated and set up for maximum comfort and enjoyment.

Contact Barbary Coast Collective

Contact Barbary Coast Collective for more information about our medical marijuana services. Visit one of the best recreational marijuana dispensaries in San Francisco today. We are conveniently located nearby to Powell Street Bart Station.