San Francisco Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Barbary coast's new dab bar + Lounge

Full-quartz Errlectric e-nails for our SkyGlass Klein Recycler dab rigs are available at our new dab bar. 

now open everyday 8am-9:30pm

Purchase a minimum of $40 in medicine &/or accessories and receive a complimentary lounge access card to to use on a future date, Save a few and bring some friends.



Medical Marijuana Doctors – located in San Francisco

Find a doctor that's right for you and become legal today!

Under Prop 215 and SB 420 in California, medical marijuana has been legalized. In order to receive medical marijuana, a medicinal cannabis card is not required; however, you do need a doctors recommendation and proper California identification. Cards provide added convenience by allowing you protection from law enforcement and easy access to dispensaries in your area.

Getting Started