San Francisco Medical Cannabis Dispensary

vape xhale + barbary coast 

In preparation for the opening of our NEW Vape + Smoking lounge, we will be demo'ing some of the new technology we have to offer patients for safe, clean medicating, the Vape Xhale.

The Vape Xhale can be used to vaporize flowers and concentrates with no exposed flame and adjustable temperature, insuring the safety of our patients and the quality of medicine. Stop by and see for yourself!

We will have 2 set-ups available for patients to use 8am-10pm. 


Medical Marijuana Doctors – located in San Francisco

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Under Prop 215 and SB 420 in California, medical marijuana has been legalized. In order to receive medical marijuana, a medicinal cannabis card is not required; however, you do need a doctors recommendation and proper California identification. Cards provide added convenience by allowing you protection from law enforcement and easy access to dispensaries in your area.

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