A Case for the Munchies

Growing up in San Francisco, everyone I know has a bad “pot brownie” experience or bad high school edible story; I know I do. For a long time I steered clear of anything edible and just stuck with flower because I was afraid the bad trip would happen again: I would get giggly, then paranoid, then plain dumb, then exhausted. I was fortunate enough never to throw up or make a spectacle of myself, but some aren’t so lucky. But as I got my recommendation and started frequenting clubs and experimenting with a lot of free samples, I had to give them another try. Fortunately, the professionals are a lot more accurate with their doses than I was, and offer a range of dosages (as low as 2.5 mg!) in a spectrum of delivery methods to meet all dietary needs. Everyone’s body is different, and how a body digests an edible depends on too many factors ( like metabolism, time of last meal, age and activity level) to not be precise.



Rick Simpson is a Canadian man who cured himself with a whole plant cannabis extract he made after being diagnosed with skin cancer. That oil became known as Rick Simpson Oil and patients today that I have personally spoken to use it to shrink their tumors and abate MS-related pain. A documentary of his story can be found here and don’t worry it’s free! At Barbary we carry RSO made in 3 ratios to compliment a range of medicinal needs: High-THC, 1:1 and High-CBD. RSO is incredibly potent, with a 5-gram applicator containing over 3,000 mg of cannabinoids. Patients should consult their doctors about the benefits of RSO for their needs and begin their regimen slowly and sparingly.

Wunderfruit_20-1_tincture - 1 copy.jpg

Sub-linguals + tinctures

Tinctures are of those things you do strictly because it’s good for you, not because it’s fun. Most tinctures are alcohol-based and not only taste bad, but burrrrn!!! Barbary Coast carries alcohol-free tinctures in a wide spectrum of cannabinoids in bases of glycerin, coconut oil and fatty acids in both psychoactive and non-psychoactive options. Wunderfruit makes sublingual dosing flexible with both sativa- and indica-based THC tinctures as well as 1:1 and 20:1 CBD:THC ratios which can be used together for a more personalized ratio. Prana also makes a variety of sublinguals both "raw" and "activated" that utilize many lesser-known cannabinoids like CBN and CBDa. Check out their post!



I find edibles to be quite overwhelming when taken in the wrong dose. In high doses, we all know edibles are great sleep aids. Jokes, aside, most people are using edibles because they need help sleeping, they are in pain or their lungs are too sensitive for smoking. In small amounts, edibles can be great pick-me-ups and merely enhance your day-to-day experience rather than interfere with it. Microdosing involves a relatively low dose of usually THC to combat particualr symptoms without compromising mental clarity or achieving a heavy psychoactive effect. For an adult a micro-dose can range from 1-10mg and we offer products dosed for every step of the way. Ask about Kiva Petra mints, dosed at 2.5mg per piece, or the newly-arrived Kanna hard candies dosed at 3.5mg per piece.


Insomnia & Pain

Higher-dosed edibles are most often recommended for patients who need a powerful sedative. Indica or hybrid-based edibles work best, usually in doses of 20 or more depending on patient’s preexisting tolerance. A ratio of THC and CBD such as the Kiva Ginger Dark Chocolate Bar or the Kushy Punch Recover has worked wonders for me personally, without the morning-after grogginess, or “stonedover” as we affectionately call it. Indica-based edibles for patients with more trouble are recommended, and confections such as Big Pete’s Treats 6-pack of indica-based cookies or the Sensi Chew Insomnia caramel (with added melatonin!) prove to hit heavy where it is needed.


Quench Your Cotton


We have drinks now! If you are highly impatient (like me!) or need a high dose urgently, we now also carry medicated drinks. Medicated drinks differ from solid edibles in that they can more easily be absorbed into the bloodstream and thus take effect in a much smaller window of time. This can come in handy especially for patients who need high doses in a small amount of time and do not want to consume high amounts of butter, oil and sugar common in baked good edibles. 

Are you hungry yet? Well that was the point! Edibles require a lot more forethought than a quick smoke, but in the long term can provide better symptom relief than most other delivery methods. As with anything, take your time and don't be afraid to experiment, as long as you follow the dosing guide! Happy munching.