San Francisco Bay Area Medical Cannabis Dispensary


Barbary Coast Collective is located in the historical district of downtown San Francisco. The architecture itself conjures the image of a modern-day speakeasy, with exposed brick and mahogany tones, a nod to its prohibition past. Atmosphere coupled with knowledgeable staff means patients can feel relaxed while browsing for and inquiring about their medicine. Upon arrival patients are greeted with hospitality and a comfortable waiting room where patients are given the opportunity to sit and browse through our extensive menu.

Consults take place at the bar, where patients can seat themselves (or stand) while talking with their individual budtender and making their purchases. Our menu offers a wide variety of cannabis strains, concentrates, edibles, topicals, vaporizers, sublinguals and accessories at a broad and fair range of prices.

Each strain of cannabis is individually stored in sealed Mason jars, and hand-weighed on a scale in front our patients for transparency and flexibility within their budget. We believe in helping our patients and maximizing their experience to the fullest with: demos, promotional giveaways, weekly deals and hands-on interaction with our patients so you can have a pleasant experience.



Medical Marijuana Doctors – located in San Francisco

Find a doctor that's right for you and become legal today!

Under Prop 215 and SB 420 in California, medical marijuana has been legalized. In order to receive medical marijuana, a medicinal cannabis card is not required; however, you do need a doctors recommendation and proper California identification. Cards provide added convenience by allowing you protection from law enforcement and easy access to dispensaries in your area.

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